Sex Abstinence and your Future

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Many people do not understand the meaning of abstinence. Some believe that abstinence is not having vaginal intercourse but they can enjoy other kinds of sex play that don't lead to pregnancy mostly known as outercourse. Some people believe that abstinence is not having vaginal intercourse when a woman might get pregnant. This form of sexual activity as Periodical abstinence, this type of abstinence is based on the fertility awareness methods of birth control. Abstinence is defined as practicing restraint oneself from indulging in something. Using this definition in sexual activity we can describe abstinence as practicing restraint from indulging or having any type of sexual activity. Practicing abstinence is refraining from oral, anal and vaginal sex.
As teenagers many of us don’t understand the importance of abstinence especially now that we have media influence and peer pressure but the truth is that being bullied and being grief stricken is not cool. Disadvantages of not practicing abstinence are transmission of diseases, such as ‎chlamydia, gonorrhea, ‎genital herpes and HIV/A...
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