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Sex Education
In today’s society, many individuals are aware of the issue of teenage pregnancy and the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases among the youth. One can simply turn on their television and become quickly aware of the popular, yet controversial, discussion of teenage sexual activity in the United States through the news and shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Almost ever, discussion about teenagers and their sexual activity refers back to Sex Education in the public school system. Many individuals would consider Sex Education to be the source and/or solution to the problems that occur as a result of sexually active teenagers in the United States. For many decades, Sex Education has been taught in public schools but also has been a topic of controversy. Proponents of Abstinence-Only Education argue that Traditional Sex Education should not just focus on teaching students about contraceptives and how to use them, but instead it should also help students develop and acquire the virtues of prudence and temperance, and teach students the importance of abstinence and the emotional risk that comes along with being sexually active at such a young age. Other people like to argue that Traditional Sex Education should be taught in schools because they believe that informing students about how to be safe when participating in sexual acts is very important. Abstinence-Only Education is the best form of Sex Education for students and should be taught in the public school system because it teaches students the importance of abstaining from sex along with helping them develop or acquire the virtues of prudence and temperance.
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...y, which will leave room for error and mistakes which will result in teenagers putting themselves at risk for sexually transmitted disease (or infections). So it is better to go beyond what the Traditional Sex Education program teaches and have an Abstinence-Only Sex Education program. Teaching students how to have safe sex is not enough, the students need know everything else that comes along with being sexually active and should be taught skills and tools that will help them make the right decision for their overall well-being. Abstinence-Only programs do a great job of helping students acquire the virtues of temperance and prudence, and providing students with in-depth information about sex, its risk, the value of abstaining from sex until one is mature or is married. As a result Abstinence-Only Education programs should be taught in schools all over the country.
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