Sex, Pregnancy, And Stds

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Comprehensive Sexual Education
Sex, pregnancy, and STDs. Thats what the United States has and the education program they have now to prevents students from these things has no effect or progress on how students can use it to their advantage. While many believe it is okay to teach sexual education, others feel that it is wrong because it interferes with the parenting styles as well as some religion, and worries parents about how their children will be taught on this subject. Sexual Education should be taught in schools openly and more in depth.
One of the reasons it is so strongly pushed is for the health benefits it has for the students. Students don’t fully understand the health risks that come with having unprotected sex because we strongly push abstinence and parents disagree on teaching it at all. So when students look at how the reactions to sex is for the adults they
Think it is a bad thing, and in reality it isn 't if we didn 't have sex none of us would be here and if students are taught the right things about the subject and educated on the facts they will get a better understanding and know what to do if the situation approaches them (Rushowy 1). “Markham said the broader concept of consent could be added early on by talking to younger students about respectful relationships and boundaries around their bodies.” On the other hand this worries parents about how their children will respond to learning about these things, and about how the teacher is teaching it. because it might not be the way they want their children to learn about this subject (Keenan 1). “Schools interpret (the mandate) in different ways.” and this comes with such problems as, “leaving the sexual education curriculum up to the individual districts a...

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... children will hear about sex, if not from us were, the internet, T.V. , peers, all of this lead to mis information, wrong behaviors, and peers pressure. By just sitting down and deciding to talk about what they are going through, what they need and what they deserve can make the difference between a highly functioning teenager and child or an very confused young adult. (Bonner 3). “ contraceptive education is important! , but sex-ed has the equally important ability to prevent sexual assault at a developmental level if we give it the opportunity to do so.” Working together can solve this with all the statistics, and all the information, and all the time people have put in either trying to help or prevent. Harness that for a greater good that we as Americans can fight this and beat it because we can work together as a unit and come to a solution.
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