Role Of Promotion In Consumer Behaviour

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Promotion is one of the important components of marketing mix therefore it cannot be ignored. Promotion is the component that involves delivery of messages i.e. what your company tends to tell its target consumer about the product or service they are offering to target customers that emphasizes the benefits of your brand, products and services. One of the communication tools is advertising which is used in a promotional plan by the companies. Goals of promotion include building brand awareness, creating favorable brand attitudes, gaining market share, inducing buying, building loyalty and growing sales (Kurtz 2010).

In order to achieve its promotional goals, a company develops an effective and efficient promotional mix, which is a combination
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This communication is done through various mediums of paid media -- TV and radio commercials, print ads in newspaper or magazine, billboards and more recently, product placements, social media and online ads. Ads are placed on the best possible site where advertisers believe they will reach the largest and relevant audience. Commercial businesses within India e.g. Pepsi, use advertising to drive the consumption of their beverages and other products , while non-profit organizations may place ads to raise awareness or encourage a change in behavior or…show more content…
Researchers, scholars, businesses and marketers study consumer behavior to understand what are the factors that impacts a consumer's shopping preferences and selection of products and services. There are multiple factors that affect consumer behavior, few of them are economic status of the consumer, their beliefs and values, culture they are into, personality, age and education (Kotler, 2004).

Findings on consumer behavior are used to develop methods and products that will boost company performance and sales.Customers are becoming more powerful, knowledgeable, sophisticated. Therefore research into modern consumer behaviour is increasingly important for businesses purposes. Advertising to attract consumers, providing better environment, product, services and policies is important in improving today’s consumer experience to support businesses in retaining customers. This study seeks to determine and explain the effectiveness of internet advertising in stimulating consumer
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