Role Of A Police Officer

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There are still administrations out there that flourish off the hatred of another culture. Even in external these organizations racism seems to be obvious in many aspects. Lately issues have come up to point the finger at the men and women of law enforcement. There has been a numerous amount of cases that may portray acts of racism. This is a type of legal system that travels through the air, across the radio waves and into our homes. A legal system in which the media delivers a decision without the complete evidence of the case presented. This is the role of the media. Acts of racism by the police officials on innocent victims do to their ethnic background. In most cases it is the white police officers abusing if not killing African American citizens who by the image of the media have done nothing wrong to deserve the attack. Now we take a look at the responsibilities of law officials. The first responsibilities we look at is patrol. Police officers patrol in assigned areas, either on foot or automobile. Patrolling an area delivers a police presence for that area, which can prevent crime and…show more content…
Police officers play a very important part in our society today. They patrol the streets of the communities to make the people of the community feel as safe as possible. Weather they desire adventure, pleasure, or just want to chase justice, police officers work hard on a daily basis to fight crime. They work even harder to become officers of the law. To become a police officer today you will need to complete a number of prerequisites. First, you have to be a United States citizen. Next, he or she must have a high school diploma or equivalent. You can also attend college and obtain a college education to understand more of the criminal justice system and how it works. They also pay you more for your higher education, depending on your
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