The Role Of Police In Society

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The Role of Police in Society:
An Introduction to the Role of Police in Society
Police are described as the civil force of a local government mandated to prevent and detect crime and maintain public order. Police officers are tasked with making a number of decisions, and it is their duty to address illegal actions. (Klamh and Tillyer, 2010). Police are unique law enforcers, because their discipline is an excellent exemplary and the community is encouraged to be like them. Professionalism comes first before their personal interests despite the situation; therefore imagine a situation where an officer has to arrest one of his own parents for breaking the law. This is only one example of the numerous obstacles that officers might face while on
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The community should feel their presence in order to live up to their moral standards. For instance, people cannot stay in a society where certain individuals do not respect other people’s rights. This positive effect on a community will only be achieved if the police officers can uphold and enforce the law effectively without favor or fear of any kind (Walker & Katz, 2012). For this reason, we have the police because they serve the peoples ' common interests in terms of safety and maintenance of…show more content…
Police officers should maintain safety in all kinds of situations, particularly in instances of conflict between communities, classes, or political groups. Gathering intelligence and solving matters on, for example people disrupting public peace; creates a constant level of peace and security within communities. Their conduct is also governed by the principles of non-partisan and human rights norms; which offers special attention to the disadvantaged in the society including the disabled and the minorities (Gaines and Kappeler, 2014). They achieve this objective by following the due process (Walker & Katz, 2012). These principles and regulations enable civilians to not only feel safe, but can depend on officers in case of non-emergency or emergency circumstances aside from
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