Reflective Essay On Opiate Addiction

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This quarter was one of the most writing intensive of my college career. I had eleven papers to write, and did two presentations. I am at the point in where my writing improvement, is making only slight gains, and that is ok. I am satisfied with the effort that was put forth in this class. I definitely found the class more challenging than composition I. I came into this class, trying to successfully navigate through three research papers and a bibliography. The first paper was the synthesis essay and it was by far the most challenging of the three. I did not even know where to start. I read both our books description and the classroom descriptions of the essay many times before starting. When it was time to put ink to paper, I had a good understanding of what the paper was supposed to be about. The analysis and breaking down of my subject (opiate addiction), was something I was familiar with from other classes. It was once they were deconstructed; trying to put it back together in a new way was the challenge. This forced me to work closely with my sources and gain a deeper understanding than what I was accustom to. …show more content…

This paper did have its challenges regardless of me being accustomed to this particular type of essay. My goal was to argue for a specific treatment of opiate addiction. Unfortunately, most of the sources I was finding arguing in favor of specific treatments were not very strong or dated. I also had many sources arguing the same point repetitively; this consumed a lot of time reading entire papers only to realize that they would not provide anything to my essay. When it came down to writing the paper, it was much easier than the synthesis essay because I had a solid foundation of where the paper needed to

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