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People often associate the word addiction with drugs and alcohol because they are the most common form of addictions. The word addiction is often misunderstood because people connects them with negative addictions that are compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance abuse. I believe that the term addiction is evolving because there are positive addictions that exists and can enhance your mood and well being. Addiction occurs with everybody, whether it is good or bad and it is part of life. My personal definition for addiction is forming a habit due to physical or mental needs causing to change a mood.
Alcohol addiction is the most common form of addiction because alcohol is not illegal, but the only requirement in the United States is
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Drugs can alters a person’s brain making them to rely on drugs to function. The more a person do drugs, the more tolerance they build, which cause them to be dependent on them. Drugs can cause a person knowing that drug use are harmful to continue the use because they are addicted. When a person does not have there drug they become moody and they will do anything to get it like stealing to get money just to feel the high. Once they come down from the high they will do it again just to get to that state of mind. The addiction can cause pain and heart ache in a family because the addiction is so strong that an addict only thinks about being high and forgets about family bond. Jobs usually requires a person to take a drug screening prior to employment because they want a safe and productive workplace. I would not want an addict to operate machinery while under the influence because it is totally unsafe and cause accidents. Addicts usually find themselves having problems with the law because they might do criminal activities just to get there hands on…show more content…
They usually feel better about themselves which exercise controls there weight and boosting confidence and self esteem. Exercising is good for the health because it battles health conditions and diseases. People who exercise regularly are at less at risk for stroke, eating disorders, diabetes, depression, and arthritis. Exercise tends to improves mood especially on a stressful day, you just need about 30 minutes to blow off steam and after you will feel a lot better. Strenuous activities stimulates your brain making you feel happy and relax. Need an energy boost? Exercise improves muscular strength and boost your endurance. It takes oxygen and food to your muscles and makes your cardiovascular system work even more efficiently. People tends to sleep better who regularly exercise than people who do not exercise. Exercise can be fun and enjoyable because it gives you the chance to calm down, enjoy being outside, participate in activities that makes you feel good about yourself. Participating in activities can help you bond with family and friends in a social events. People who are addicted to exercise tends to be happy about themselves physically and emotionally.
People can also be addicted to music having positive effect on people physically and emotionally. Music is powerful, depending on the genres of music it can make you feel happy or sad. Without music it would be a boring

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