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Reflective Essay Growing up I have always had a passion for writing, as I always viewed it as a great way to express myself. While other kids would be enjoying the outdoors and playing games, I would often be found writing away what I thought would be the next famous children’s novel. However, over the years, the more knowledge I took in of writing, the more of a challenge it became for me. I found myself struggling with the rules of grammar, finding the accurate and appropriate words to best describe my thoughts, and to see growth and maturity in my writing. After a long 6-year gap, I had decided to return to school to further my education, with my first course back being WRTG 101. I stepped into this course intimidated with the fear that…show more content…
From deciding on the research topic, to the material that would be best to use, and the best resources to use to find that information were all very overwhelming to me. The Comparison-Contrast Essay was the first essay that required a good amount of research. The weekly discussions helped me in finding a good topic to write about and I was able to get feedback on my ideas prior to starting my paper. The feedback was very insightful and let me know if I was on the right path. Knowing that I was able to articulate my thoughts to the professor and receive helpful advice was very encouraging. The assignment regarding topic sentences was also very helpful to me in preparing the structure of how each paragraph should be written. This exercise helped direct me in breaking down my research into different components, and taught me how to provide a controlling idea for each paragraph and to stay on track through out the essay. Moreover, the use of the library search tutorials and the Purdue OWL resource was extremely beneficial. When researching for my essays, I was able to narrow down my search results by focusing on the key words and databases. I was also able to see my progress in my writing by examining the quality of both of my essays and making sure it was in the correct APA format. I was proud of my final work and felt that it reflected all of the different aspects that I have learned throughout
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