Reflection Paper On The Civil Rights Room

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I visited the civil rights room in the Nashville public library. I went on May 14, with my friend and classmate Merna. The site was one big room full of all kinds of African American books about the civil rights and how the civil rights changed many African Americans life. Not only were the books about African Americans after the civil war, but there was also books about African Americans before the civil Inside the room there is a smaller room for watching historian movies to watch, for example the I the I have a dream speech. Also on the walls all kinds of quotes are Written, it makes people think of all kinds of stuff. The civil rights room had a lot of pictures that were taken during the civil war. Many pictures were of slaves and how they were treated, there was…show more content…
The stories in all the books are part of our history, all the books are available to people to read to learn more about the American history. The Civil rights room did not only have books about one or two people, the room was very diverse. Not all the books were written by one person there were many authors. The videos to were diverse, all kids of speeches, protests, and racial discrimination. Not only are the books about African Americans, there are also a lot of books about how all kinds of races treated African Americans, for example many books were about how the white treated the African Americans. Religion was a big thing for African American, they wanted to build their own church’s after the civil war. There were books about how women and men were treated back then, and how gender was an important thing back then. It was really hard for men to get their civil right, on the other hand women had no rights what’s so ever. It was really hard back then for women to have any rights, which was presented in lot of books in the civil rights room. Class back then was very important, because rich stayed rich and the poor stayed
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