Civil Rights Movement

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Civil Rights Movement Out of all the movements in history, the Civil Rights Movement would have to have the most powerful argument and the most moving. This is this most convincing or moving movement of all because people’s lives were at stake. This movement is a specific leader because it was an event in history that had a dramatic change on the world and what has made it how it is in today’s time. Also, the Civil Rights Movement is a specific event because of the events that took place during this movement. Some of the areas that were targeting for reform were equal rights between blacks and whites. This movement would have to be both powerful at the time it occurred and still powerful today. Without the Civil Rights Movement our country would still be living in hatred toward each other between the whites and blacks. This is the most convincing movement because people’s lives were at stake. During this movement a lot happened far as beatings, murders, and even challenging the Supreme Court and president; which created some very famous court cases. This would be more moving than others because some of the events were costing people their lives, reputation, pride, and more, just to fight for something they wanted or loved. For example, a woman by the name of Fannie Lou Hamer went to register to vote one day; after doing so, on the way home she was arrested and beaten until she was exhausted (University). To most people in today’s time would be horrified over this because this woman was beaten for no reason, well, no reason for today’s world. Also, many famous court cases arose during this movement when people started to challenge the court system; because, of the unequal rights between whites and blacks. Some of thes... ... middle of paper ... ... ways. Therefore, keeping this movement powerful, keeps the United States moving forward; even though it was hard getting use too. In conclusion, the Civil Rights Movement was the most touching, difficult, and the most rewarding movement in history. This movement was hard to get through, people lost their lives and were abused for no reason at all; however, and they kept fighting for their rights. The Civil Rights Movement was a specific leader and event in history because of the events that took place during this time and without those events today’s society would not be the same, at all. The targeting areas for reform were mostly whites fighting against equal rights and most blacks fighting for equal rights. While believing this movement was powerful then and believing it is still yet powerful today. Works Cited University, Howard. Liberty System. n.d.

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