The Civil Rights Movement

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The 1960’s were a time of freedom, deliverance, developing and molding for African-American people all over the United States. The Civil Rights Movement consisted of black people in the south fighting for equal rights. Although, years earlier by law Africans were considered free from slavery but that wasn’t enough they wanted to be treated equal as well. Many black people were fed up with the segregation laws such as giving up their seats on a public bus to a white woman, man, or child. They didn’t want separate bathrooms and water fountains and they wanted to be able to eat in a restaurant and sit wherever they wanted to and be served just like any other person.

During the Civil Rights Movement a lot of the white people who wanted things segregated and didn’t want to treat blacks equal fought back against blacks. There is a page on the Internet called that shows how violent anti-civil rights people were. This page shows a very discouraging picture of a big police dog biting out a mans stomach while a police officer holds the man by the collar. Not only were there people literally getting their guts taken out by dogs, there were fights and people getting fire hoses turned on them. People lost their lives, both black and white.

The web page of photos is made up of pictures from different events during the civil rights movement. There are pictures showing blacks getting sprayed with fire hose, bit by police dogs, and there is a picture of a group of churchgoers who got into a confrontation with a police and fireman and they kneeled down in prayer right in the middle of the street. My interpretation of this site is it gives today’s generation who were not around to experience these events a true sense ...

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...Black people continued to fight for what they thought was right which was true freedom.

Other events happens such as one summer a young man from Chicago was visiting his relatives in Mississippi. He was leaving out of a store and whistled at a white woman. Later Emmett Till 14 years old was found murdered.

One very important figure at this time was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King had a dream and his dream still lives on now even decades later. Dr. King was a non violent Civil Rights leader. King wanted everyone to be treated equal all over the United States. He lead marches and gave many speeches. True freedom and equal rights was all black people wanted. Being equal meant having the choice to go where ever they wanted and do what ever they wanted no matter what color of skin they had, so this is a little of what the Civil Rights Movement was all about.
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