Reflection Paper On Field Experience

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Prior to this field experience I had no former interaction with charter schools so I did not know what to expect or if I would even like it. However, I came to find that School Lanes environment is the exact environment I hope to be in when I become a certified teacher. They call their school environment a “sanctuary” to shield them from the hardships of the outside world. School Lane is a place that considers all children to be gifted and because of this expectations for the students are high. Their motto is “ what you achieve today is directly related to what you do. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you”. School Lane is also all-inclusive so that students who have a particular disability do not feel secluded from the general education classrooms.
The school staff and administrators at School Lane were warm and welcoming each week, which gave me a feeling of acceptance. My host teacher and co-teacher offered me a lot of advice about where I should teach, graduate programs, and gave me insight on the in’s and out’s of School Lane Charter. I was happy to have an open relationship with my host and co-teacher because my very first field experience was with a teacher who was not equally welcoming. It was also
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However, in the future I think that it would be even more worth-while to have Temple students go into the schools for the whole day instead of three hours. I also think it would be helpful to have a Temple coach instead of going into the schools alone. There were only a couple times in the class that we were able to talk about our field experience so having that extra mentor would increase success. In addition, I think that there should be more Temple classes pertaining to assessment because although this class was extremely helpful and I feel more secure in my knowledge of assessment then I did before. I still struggled in the beginning and was not completely clear on how to give the
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