Personal Statement : Special Education

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703 words

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey that would teach me more than I had ever imagined. As a recent college graduate, I was thrilled to finally begin my teaching career in a field I have always held close to my heart. My first two years as a special education teacher presented countless challenges, however, it also brought me great fulfillment and deepened my passion for teaching students with special needs. The experiences I have had both before and after this pivotal point in my life have undoubtedly influenced my desire to further my career in the field of special education. A lot of people ask what inspired me to become a special education teacher, and why I am continuing to pursue a career in a field where many unfortunately decide to leave. I wish my answer were as simple as saying “I love children and I want to make a difference.” Although there is obvious truth to that statement, what I love more is celebrating the achievements, both big and small, of a child who faces adversity every single day. Nothing brings me more joy than watching students succeed beyond the expectat...

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how their first two years as a special education teacher brought them great fulfillment and deepened their passion for teaching students with special needs.
  • Opines that what inspires them to pursue a career in special education is celebrating the achievements of children, both big and small.
  • Opines that in order to help children reach their full potential, we must seek out and focus on their abilities, rather than their disabilities.
  • Opines that teachers must become detectives within their classrooms by investigating their students' strengths, and then using those strengths as clues to cultivate leadership and individual achievement.
  • Opines that the master's program in teaching students with severe disabilities will allow them to enhance their skills as a special educator.

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