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Throughout my four years at Worland High School, I have taken a number of classes; some more difficult than others, some I just took merely to boost up my GPA. However, there are some classes that I knew I wanted to steer clear from such as any culinary arts or home living classes, which probably would have benefited me more than I thought. I also stayed away from any art or music class; my fine arts skills are not quite up to par, and I had no desire in strengthening them. The classes that everyone wants to stay away from but are forced to take anyway would be the core classes: science, math, history, and language arts. Of course there is no getting away from these classes, except I did manage to get out of taking a science class my senior…show more content…
I 've always been good at it, or so I thought. Maybe it was the senioritis hitting me and the excessive days of school that I missed, but my senior year English class hit me hard. It is safe to say I struggled quite a bit in this class, but I also found throughout the course of the year, there are things that I learned and things that I improved on. At the beginning of the year, I was introduced to Room 303. The work itself wasn 't always too difficult, but the workload was quite heavy. I 've never really had to do homework in high school; I could always get away with finishing it in our study hall or in a different class prior to the one we had homework assigned. That was the opposite of my English class. There was homework assigned every night, but it wasn 't always do the following day. We would get a weekly schedule of the work to do and it was spread out through the week. Every…show more content…
I would often have trouble remembering if we had homework or when it was due. Every year since I can remember, the students have been given a daily planner. In elementary school, I looked at it more as homework because we had to have our parents sign it. In junior high, I used my planner quite a bit, and it helped a lot. For some reason, once I got to high school, I stopped caring about being organized and my motivation dropped the second I walked through those doors. Even as a freshman, I found it hard to concentrate in certain classes because I did not want to be there. I got my first C my freshman year to ruin any chance of a 4.0 GPA. My sophomore year, I missed a lot of school due to an ACL, injury and it was hard to come back and catch up on all my work. On the bright side, sophomore year 's homework wasn 't as vigorous as senior year. I have found myself not caring too much about my grades this year and missing more school than I ever could have imagined. Although I have faced these struggles, I made better use of my planner when I did miss school. I only used my planner for my senior English class, because it was the class with the most work. Each week, we would take a day to write down our weekly schedule, so even when I missed two weeks of school, I knew what work I missed the day I got back. Of course, with my lack of motivation, the work didn 't always get
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