The key to Resilience

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what is Grit? Grit is firmness of character or having an indomitable spirit, in other words grit is believing in ourselves and having hunger to succeed. I believe grit is something real and truly makes a difference in anything you do. In the passage the “Significance of Grit” Angela Duckworth speaks about how some people have a trait that leads them to succeed over others and she calls it grit. Me being a student,I can totally see where she is coming from because you need to have an internal flame that roars inside of you to see what you are actually capable of. I had never really heard of the word grit in the academic world until taking this class, I thought grit and being smart where the same thing but that’s not the case.I believe everyone shares this trait but they show it in different tasks Many times I have been resilient and gritty in an academic environment without even knowing.
Grit is a form of defining a action that takes place when the going gets tough but you find a way to cope or fix the situation, thats called being gritty. Mrs.Duckworth said that they did an experiment on West Point cadets she said “even with such rigorous admission process ,about 1in 20 cadets drop out during the summer of training before their first academic year”. What makes the others not drop out? Good grades had nothing to do with the fact that they could not perform physically, it is all mental and if you prepare enough you will achieve.This has really motivated me tremendously because I know that just being smart wont get you everywhere but being well rounded will.,Having that extra drive to finish your goal. This is important because while not achieving your goal is bad , not achieving it while your so close to achieving it must ...

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...if every time you practice piano you improve a lot, wouldn't you be more likely to practice a lot” yes this is the type of trait that needs to be developed like reading, playing soccer , and walking we aren’t just born with it so class time for me would be for practicing my essay writing and getting better at it. Grit is the way that we more accurately read who is a top notch and who is just there but not really there with an open mind. “The most successful people in life are both talented and gritty in whatever they've chosen to do” having a mind set like these people mirroring their strategies will only set us up for success because they have the formula we just need to get it. We are the ones who control our future so we need to follow the great minds that have already done it to put us in a better position to improve and see new thing that will than help us.
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