Reflection On Managing Your Boss

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When John J. Gabarro and John P. Kotter use the phrase ‘managing your boss’, they are not referring to sucking up to a boss, making political maneuvers, or controlling an ill tempered dictator. They are referring to understanding the way a boss best functions, and working in a way that will be compatible with their style. This involves fostering a relationship with one’s boss to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and needs. It also involves realizing that an effective relationship with one’s boss will enable organizational goals to be met much more effectively. Some bosses are wired to prefer written reports, while some work better with oral reports. Many bosses like to have their hands on every part of operations, while others are hands-off and prefer to let their employees take charge of tasks. An employee that successfully manages a boss will take proactive action to meet their boss’s needs. For example, if a boss prefers written reports, it would be wise for an employee to provide them with strong written reports before they even asks for them. If a boss likes to be involved in every aspect of an employee’s project, then it would be wise to ask for…show more content…
I realize when I am able to swallow my pride and look beyond people’s action, I am much more likely to be successful in the business place. The article contained a story about a high-quality marketing manager who was hired by a cooperation facing financial pressure. The manager developed a plan to increase the company’s market share. The president however, was not looking for higher market share, but quick profits. Because of the marketing manager did not understand the president’s motivations, the company fired him. I need to make sure that I am constantly seeking to understand what my boss and my company really wants, because then I will be able to jump on their team instead of accidentally fighting against

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