Reflection Letter Essay

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Reflection Letter
During the semester I have learned a lot about writing. The last time I had written a paper of any kind was over 5 years ago so relearning everything was both challenging and rewarding. There were many opportunities within this class to work towards improving my writing skills. It is important to realize that by improving those skills I was also working towards fully understanding the SLOs. For this paper the skills I will be focusing on are things such as planning, researching, citing, using the correct tone, and reflecting on how these tools will be useful in the future. The five SLOs I have chosen to write about are SLOs that I feel I have progressed in successfully but could still use to improvement in some form.

Writing as a Process: SLO C
For me, SLO C means the process of using different
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SLO H means just that to me. With so many different research projects it is important to give credit for using another person’s ideas. Within my community proposal and literary analysis of a song I needed as much background information as I could get to support my ideas. The research needed for the proposal was more factual and I used a lot of quotes from different individuals to support that my problem I was proposing was an actual real problem. For the song analysis I needed information about who wrote the song, when it was created, and why it was created. If I hadn’t of cited where I found the research on both of these papers I would be taking credit for someone else’s ideas and facts. I would like to say that I am good at citing but throughout the semester I would make simple mistakes such as italicizing titles that didn’t need to be italicized or forgetting to write what paragraph I found my information on. This is something I will continuously practice throughout

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