English Reflection Essay

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Before I came to English 101 I was more of a raw writer than most people. Although I would write my papers filled with great content, I would also have many problems with my grammer and organization. Throughout my time in this class I have developed and trained multiple areas of my writing. Some of the areas that I have improved the most have been grammer, organization, and MLA format. These areas have lead to an evolution in my writing that has given me a new level of understanding in English. Which has provided me with the skills that will endow me to achieve success in english 102. Many of my errors that have I reliesed that I reduced while I went through the semester with my papers was my grammer. When I first started in English 101 I…show more content…
Papers that I have written in the past have been critiqued many times for losing its focus in the multitude of information that I try and fit into a paper. When I would write papers before teachers would always leave a comment that I would write like I talk, which would lead to the problem that I exercised in the previous sentence. While this was also a problem in the way I would tie the information in this was also a problem in how I would structure my paragraphs and intergrate my quotes. Many times before I would drag on the paper when I need to intergrate a quote or when I needed to breakup the essay with another paragraph, and vice versa when I would force a quotation integration and new paragraph. I learned new ways olf intergrating quotes such as the indirect quote, which I used barely before I came to this class.What I noticed in my papers this semester is that this part of my writing has improved a lot : I was able to intergrate my quotes in my paper organically and with ease. In the past it felt like I was doing some of these methods, because it seemed like the thing my teachers wanted rather than it helping my paper. Something else that was fixed with time that dealt with my paper organization was my word count. When instructors would give me a word limit many times I would find myself going over it; however, with time I was able to keep some points concise to downsize my…show more content…
The MLA format and citation is something that should not hold up writers by the time the enter a college level class, but nontheless it was something that plagued me in my writing. The use of MLA format on my papers incorrectly was a major part in the points lost on my papers in the past, so for me fixing that was a major accomplishment. With reading and help from my friend I was able to perfect my MLA format over my papers in this class. This also help me with citation of my papers that helped me give true credit to the people who sources I took from. Then it felt satisfying to have a perfect work cited page for all of my sources at the end of my essays. At the end of this class and this reflection period of these papers. I realised that I have become a better writer than I have ever been before, because I was finally able to take and recognize my mistakes in my papers. Which allowed me to to see where I needed to fix next to become the best writer I can be, which was shown to me during this time. Now with my new weapons of grammer, organizations, and MLA format I have a great foundation to propel my
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