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This Semester in this English Course has impacted the way I write and my attitude towards writing as a whole. I have exceeded my expectations on what I would learn this semester. From sculpting my own writing style through the critiques and essays to learning to use MLA format in my writing more fluidly I have learned a lot. The peer review activities I have participated in has also been helpful in having another set of eyes to review my paper that is not myself nor the professor. Having another student who is going through the same process as me catch mistakes that I myself have skimmed over is refreshing.
The weekly critiques have helped me shape my ability to relate my own experiences to what I was reading. My critique on Maya Angelou’s ‘The
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I admit at first I had no clue what to do or how to stay connected to my topic while still making sense, but eventually I learned. I was able to clean up some of the more common and smaller mistakes in my writing. My writing project on the essay ‘College Pressures’ was one I related to well. College is similar to a map of our future and with it comes different pressures that make it harder to navigate. Being able to write everything down and reread it as if I was an outsider put several things into perspective for me. There is a lot of truth when people say writing how you feel helps you more than keeping it to yourself. I learned that by allowing myself to be easily pressured and stressed out with college I only made things worse for myself. So I began only focusing on how I could improve myself from the point I am in now instead of giving myself an unattainable standard and being disappointed when it is not reached. As a result I have decided to take courses I enjoy for the coming semester and focus on what I feel is
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