Eg 105: A Reflection

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ENG 105 Reflection
English 105 was a very helpful class. I hadn’t taken an English class since my first semester of senior year so it was good to brush up on my skills. The order of papers that we did was also encouraging because the farther we got in the semester, the harder the papers got. We started small and worked our way up to a 10-page paper. I didn’t believe that I would be able to write as many pages as was necessary, but my research was thorough enough that I had to cut information out. That was one of my proudest moments in this class. In English 105 I learned how to write a rhetorical analysis, a research paper, and an evaluation.
Before coming to NAU, I was unfamiliar with the idea of a rhetorical analysis. I had heard of ethos, logos, and pathos before, but I never learned how to find or utilize them in a paper. At first it was a challenge picking apart an article to find the rhetorical elements, but after looking for those pieces in several works it became easier and easier. It was interesting learning how each piece is so different from each other, but they work side by side to create an intriguing paper. The structure of a rhetorical analysis is fairly simple because you are already given the prongs for your these: ethos, logos, and pathos. The hard part of the paper is dividing up what
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I learned from my peers that I am a better writer than I thought I was and that increased my confidence in my writing ability. This didn’t just teach me about myself; I learned how to write several different types of papers. I improved throughout the semester as I learned how to analyze for rhetorical appeals, research an issue, and evaluate a topic. I am glad that I was able to learn a lot from this class, as well as read my peers work. It was intriguing to see how others write and what topic are important to them. Lastly, I was proud of all my work that I accomplished in this
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