Reconstruction Dbq

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History has a way of repeating itself. We are part of a world where equal rights are still being debated today. During the Reconstruction era from 1865-1877, there were many attempts made to rebuild and restore the remnants left by the Civil War. At the forefront of Reconstruction was the main priority of eradicating slavery. This was accomplished initially by the 13th Amendment, with the 14th Amendment naturalizing all citizens, regardless of race and the 15th Amendment extending the right to vote to all African Americans. This amendment gave all African Americans a political platform and allowed them the ability to vote for fellow African Americans into political office. They also had some amount of social services that were provided by the…show more content…
New laws called the Black Codes limited the rights of former slaves. It was at that time that Congress enacted its own Reconstruction plan with the Civil Rights Act of 1866. The 14th and 15th Amendments would follow which would help eliminate some of the barriers African American men were dealing with. A new revolution was beginning in the South. Black communities joined with white allies to bring the Republican party to power. African American men were beginning to hold political power which ranged from Congress to sheriffs to school board officials. They were able to create the area’s first public school system as well. With the help of the Freedmen’s Bureau, they gained some political freedom and social services. They were encouraged to also set up self-help societies. School systems and churches were also established to help them thrive, which improved their…show more content…
Americans were struggling to come to terms with these changes. This is where the Reconstruction period begins. During the period between 1865-1877, political, social, and economic reforms were sculpting the nation. The North and South weren’t on speaking terms where the South resented the North. Slaves had been freed, but were not truly accepted into society and economically the farming growth and sharecropping rose. The abolition of slavery was the focal point of the Reconstruction period. Much progress was made to accomplish abolishment. However, it would take approximately another hundred years for African Americans to enjoy the benefits of the Civil War amendments created during the Reconstruction
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