Reading The Bible: The Importance Of The Bible

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“He wants all or nothing. The thought of a person calling himself a ‘Christian’ without being a devoted follower of Christ is absurd.” - Francis Chan Lovingly, we should follow Christ and His example every day. To follow Christ, we must know know what our responsibilities are. Reading the Bible is vital. With prayer, people have access to talk to God - anytime and anywhere. Attending church is important.
“Why should I take the time out of the busyness of my life to study and meditate the Bible?” DrOP Eighty-eight percent of Americans own at least one Bible; however, 32% of people ages 18 to adult do not believe that any literature is sacred, including the Bible, which is untrue. While 65% of Americans 18 years and up have never read the Bible, 85% contradicts themselves by proclaiming the Bible plays an influential role in their daily lives. Reading the Bible is important. In their life, people should read the Bible, which is inspired by God, because one will be able to apply what he reads, God will lovingly and caringly encourage her life, and her relationship with Him will be furthered. To support my thesis statement, life application plays an influential role, when reading the Bible. While reading the Bible, God clearly states what sin is and how sin must be atoned for. Although many may say they do not sin, the Bible states the contrary, as
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Although all three aspects are important,furthering one’s relationship with God is the most important, because without a relationship reading the Bible is non-genuine. Without a doubt everyone gets busy with their lives, one must still find the time to spend with their Heavenly Father by studying and meditating the Holy Scriptures, because growth is important for the Christian
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