The Importance of the Bible to Christians

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The Importance of the Bible to Christians

The Bible is an important book to Christians, it is a declaration of

their beliefs. It represents a holy book, and a source of authority.

Christians believe God speaks to them through the Bible.

The Bible is split into two sections, both these sections are equally

important to Christians. The Old Testament is very important because,

it show’s where Christianity originated from. Its root’s are in

Judaism and Jewish history. The first 5 books are known as the

Pentateuch or Torah and are believed to have been written by Moses.

The first book of the Old Testament records the Christian account of

Gods creation of all things. The Ten Commandments, which are recorded

in the Old Testament, form the basis of Christian teaching. In many

ways the bible represents a rule book. Consisting of rules that are

relevant to life, such as do not kill and do not steal. The bible also

tells you how to live your life as a Christian and shows you the

difference between good and bad, it shows you the consequences you

will face for your actions.

The New Testament is a record of the life and teachings of Jesus and

forms the foundation of the Christian church.The old and new

testaments confirm and complement each other. The purpose of the

gospels is to show conclusively that Jesus is the son of God and so

there is a lot written about his works and miracles and this is a

fundamental part of Christian belief. This is followed by the book of

Acts, which shows how Christianity spread around the world Most of the

other books of the New Testament were written by Paul. Most of the

writings of Paul are in form of letters to different churches, to

encourage and strengthen their faith, even as it still does in

churches today. Many Bible passages and scriptures can be used as

inspiration by a Christian who feels miserable and depressed.

Many Christians find the bible to be very important, but still they
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