The Bible: The Story Of God In The Bible

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The biblical narrative is one that is still going on to this day. The biblical narrative tells the story of God and how he reveals himself to us. Rhodes points out that “God comes to each through a historical event or series of events” (2). It is in this way that God reveals himself to us and this maintains the relevance of the biblical narrative in our lives. God reveals himself through formative stories in the bible such as Creation, Adam and Eve, the Fall of Man, The Flood, God’s Covenant with Noah, and the Tower of Babel. From the very beginning of the biblical narrative we see that God relates to us on a personal level. He created us, he formed us, he created the world in which we live, and he has been an active participant in the narrative since before it began. In the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis, we read of the fall of man. As we study the Bible and recognize it’s importance in our lives today we must realize the role these stories play in our time. The Bible is not simply a history book or a book of stories of morality, but it is a book that speaks to us today of how we should live and interact with God. We are confronted with this fact in Genesis “through a graphic and dramatic representation it gives a…show more content…
No longer are animals sacrificed to atone for sins, but the greatest sacrifice for our sins has now been made. God sent his son to be sacrificed for our sins. God demonstrates his love for us and his desire for us through this act. As a result of this sacrifice we are called into a personal relationship with God the Father. No longer is the biblical narrative a story we read, but we are now the characters in a story that is still being written. With this revelation I must ask myself: Am I where I want to be in the story? How am I contributing to the biblical narrative in my life? Am I learning and growing as a result of my understand of the biblical
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