Purpose Statement for Gradulate Studies in Electrical Engineering

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Qualification: B-Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) I always believed in the fact that we never finish with education as long as we breathe, or to put it in tangible terms, life is one endless school session, a continuous process. I opine that education and training are not only in the long term interest of oneself, but also the overall development of the society. Thus, the dictum of expanding ones know – how through continuous learning and discovery has always enthralled me and is the sole motivating factor which persuades me to thrive for higher education. The decision to pursue graduate studies in Electrical Engineering is one of the most significant decisions of my career. My thought process for graduate studies was not made in a day nor a month or a year but was backed by my passion for Electrical Engineering all through my schooling and undergraduate study. Right from my childhood, I had a strong proclivity for understanding the working of electrical equipments such as my radio, television, telephone etc. I was fascinated by the small chips that can perform wonderful tasks; later on knowing a little about it I was marveled at its capacity to accommodate millions of electronic components in it. This continuous query leads to a thirst for VLSI and as a result I have concentrated much in this field but my thirst was not quenched even in my undergraduate studies. I have realized that only a graduate study will serve the purpose. An undergraduate course though comprehensive in its curriculum, provides limited scope for specialization. To help you understand my current goals better, I would like to explain my educational experience up to this point of my academic life. I completed my 10th... ... middle of paper ... ...sors, Friends and my seniors studying in USA your university has been recommended very highly for its excellent faculty & learning experience. I always believe that essence of university education lies in synergistic relationship between student and his department. I feel that graduate study at your university will be the most logical extensions of my objectives. I am confident that wholesome education that I receive at your university will stand me in good stead throughout my career. Finally I would be grateful to you if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your esteemed university and looking forward to be a part of your graduate program. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to express myself.
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