Statement of Purpose for Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

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People travel miles in search of their true passion; some find them early in their life and I consider myself lucky enough to be one among them. I found my true calling at the age of 12 on a field trip to a milk factory. It seemed like the Disneyland of science with huge machineries, conveyer belts running all around, and instruments working about in their own rhythm with sheer intricacies and perfection. As a kid, I was eager to understand the mechanics behind this magical rhythm. The desire of gaining in-depth knowledge about Control System and Automation eventually led me to choose Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering as my undergraduate study. My undergraduate program places equal emphasis on theoretical study and practical application. With the insight that I gained through it, I proposed a project on preventing counterfeiting of currency, which involves the basic concepts of physics, electronics and automation. It was well received by the College Dean – R&D, who guided me to apply for a funding from The Department of Science &Technology, Government of India in which our team was selected out of 30 teams and we received a financial grant of 1600 USD. This project experience led me to become a part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC), a student association of the college. IEDC works towards encouraging students to come up with new projects and guide them in marketing the same. Having spent more than two years as the member of IEDC, I interacted with several industry experts including the founder of E-mail, Mr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Head of DST, head manager of ICICI, and professors from various foreign universities who shared their experiences and encouraged me to take up more such projects that a... ... middle of paper ... ...ership skills and helped me acquire organizational and time management skills, a key combination for success at the graduate level. The University of Maryland gives me a great platform to pitch in my ideas through its Innovation cell and to implement the same through the BAE Systems Controls Instructional Laboratory and Centre for Dynamic and Control of Smart Structures and further my knowledge in the field of Control Systems to become a control engineer I dreamt to become. While reading about the on-going research in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, I found that the projects headed by Dr. Baras John S., deeply interest me. It will be a privilege to work with Dr. Baras and his guidance could largely help refine my career. I look forward for an offer of admission with financial assistance to pursue my graduate studies at your esteemed university.

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