The Importance Of Higher Education In The Community

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Education is an infinite learning process that plays a vital role in modern society. Even now, without a higher education one cannot even get a simple occupation such as a sales clerk, carpenter, or custodian. From writing checks, filing taxes, driving a car, to budgeting groceries, all involve the pre- knowledge and basics of reading, writing, and calculating. Higher education is very important to the success of a person’s career goal. To avail all benefits and acquire a proficient education, one has to take the learning process as a solemn one.
Education is very crucial part of my life. There is a rapidly growing demand for a higher education in the nation’s economy. Although a higher level of schooling is difficult to receive, the rewards …show more content…

Not only does the neighborhood benefit from my help, but I also feel proud of doing selfless acts. Picking up trash is one of the simplest things to do to protect and beautify our neighborhood. People go on trash pickups all the time and rightly so. A trashy community is not beautiful by anyone 's standards. Placing fliers up all around town is a grand way to help get others to contribute to the cause. After organizing a small group of people to go out and collect trash around our neighborhood, the results have shown that our community is clean. By volunteering at places like soup kitchens or food pantries, I’ll lend a hand to the needy that depend on caring people like me and make new acquaintances in the process. Helping the environment is one thing, but helping someone who directly relies on assistance, gives me an ineffably great feeling. Whether to go out and start a car wash, organize a community auction, or donate the proceeds to a local non-profit organization, all of these organizations do significant acts. Whatever the cause, no matter how immense or minute, I will always get a great feeling from doing something noble for someone other than

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