Psychological Effects of Physical Child Abuse

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Physical child abuse has grown dramatically in recent years. There are news stories about children being abused or neglected everyday. Physical abuse will cause the child to have many psychological effects throughout life. Although people might not realize, society can impact an abused child dramaticlly either positively or negatively. Even though there are many things wrong with child abuse, there are many controversies over how serious it is and how to prevent it from happening. Although there are so many controversies over child abuse, one thing for certain is that it can cause many problems psychologically either immediately or long term. Research has proven that the statistics of child abuse have risen worldwide. In the United States alone they were over 1,000 child fatalities due to child abuse in 2002(Child). In 2004, The US Department of Health and Human Services estimate that 872,000 children were determined US victims of child abuse. Approximately 17.5 percent of the maltreatment victims were physically abused(Hmurovich). Every year, there are approximately three million children that are involved in cases of child abuse. Of that, about twenty-five percent are just cases of physical abuse(Lansford). The number of abused or neglected children that are killed each year went from 798 in 1985 to 1,185 in 1996(Bean Child). Child abuse is one of the five leading cause of childhood death in the United States. Although there are so many reported cases of abuse, no one will ever know with certainty how many children have or are being abused(Mankiller). Every year, child-protection agencies receive three million referrals of child abuse or neglect involving six million children. The majority of children abused are younger tha... ... middle of paper ... ... as Families Change. Daily American (Somerset, PA). Nov. 19 2007. n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 08 Oct 2013. Hmurovich, James M., and Jane Ascroft. "Making "Cents" of Prevention." State News Vol. 49, No. 10, Nov./Dec. 2006: 32-34. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 08 Oct 2013. Lansford, Jennifer. JAMA Network. N.p.. Web. 21 Oct 2013. Mankiller, Wima, and others. "Child Abuse." The Readers Companion to U.S. Womens History. Dec 1 1998: n.p. SIRS Isues Researcher. Web. 08 Oct 2013. McPherson, Tara. "Cries For Help a Literature Review of the Psychological Effects of Child Maltreatment." N.p.. Web 21 Oct 2013. Pledge, Deanna S. When Something Feels Wrong. Deanna Spirit. Minneapolis, 2003. Print. Schulte, Brigid. "Child Abuse Found to Alter Brain; Harm Can Last for Life.: Washington Post. 13 Sep 2013: A.3. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 08 Oct 2013.

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