Child Neglect

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Child neglect and abuse is an unfortunate reality for many children today. It can have significant developmental impacts on children until they are an adult. Unfortunately it is not noticed until the damage is already done. Parents are the ones that are supposed to take care of their child. The consequences of a child getting mistreated young may endure long after the neglect occurs. People having children and not ready to be parents. Scaring the child for life because they decided that is was fun to beat on their child and abuse them mentally, and some even sexually. The effects can appear in all aspects of life, rather it is psychological or behavioral. There are three main effects of neglect and abuse that can range from minor physical injuries, not getting along with others, or can become aggressive and affect them later on in life.

One effect that a child has to go through is feeling if they belong or not. As a young child their parents are the ones they look up to. A child is supposed to feel safe in their own home, but instead some fear their lives daily. Sometimes a parent might become physically or mentally unable to take care of their child. The parent might be depressed, have an alcohol or drug problem to even have the right judgment to keep their child safe. Adults who simply do not understand the needs of their children. As a child the parent may not have had the right type of care growing up, so in their mind they are not doing anything wrong. Some parents fail to provide just the basic needs for child, such as food, clothing, or even supervision. Even some children are brought up with their parents fighting all the time, rather it being physical or just yelling. Parents from such marriage...

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...ild abuse which is injury to a child by a parent. The physical injury will most likely result in hitting, kicking shaking, throwing, or whipping. Another type of abuse is sexual abuse. This is mostly thought to be sexual activity with a child or any type of physical activity such as fondling, sexual abuse, or forced sexual acts.

In conclusion, Child abuse and neglect is more common in children’s lives today. A child may be harmed and be right in front of us and we do not even know it. We have to watch out for the signs and symptoms to try and help a child out. We may not even realize it till it is too late. The effect can appear in all aspects of life, rather it being psychological or behavioral. These effects can range from anything such as minor physical injury, not getting along with others, or become aggressive and affect them later on in life.
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