Negative Effects Of Child Abuse

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There are many forms of child abuse; all of which can cause both physical and mental issues to the victims. In some cases, childhood physical abuse can cause grave physical injuries and even death. Children who are physically abused are more likely to experience cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems as they grow up, such as depression, anxiety, misbehavior, substance abuse problems, and often grow up to be abusers themselves. Many people have a hard time understanding how or why anyone would hurt a child. Many claims to love their children dearly but they seem to have less patience for them than other parents may or sometimes might take out the day to day frustrations of life on their children. Many children learn violent behavior…show more content…
They take these feelings and many more into relationships as adults. Their traumatic childhood experiences are taken into these relationships and have lasting and wide-ranging negative effects on them. In the Article, Childhood Abuse and Later Marital Outcomes: Do Partner Characteristics Moderate the Association, it performed a longitudinal study of 414 newlyweds to determine whether the negative effects of child abuse had an impact on relationship outcomes and satisfaction. It states, “That adverse experiences in childhood, including sexual and physical abuse, are associated with heightened sensitivity to threat, social mistrust, and mood-related change and may help explain why childhood abuse eventuates in poor relationships” (2016). It stands to reason that children who have been abused have had their principles shattered by betrayal of trust that someone has already shown them. Therefore, building a trusting and healthy relationship will be difficult for the survivor of the abuse all throughout their adult lives. Abuse has a long shelf life, but with proper understanding and reconciliation the cycle of abuse can be broken and even
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