Emotional Abuse In Child Development

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There are different kinds of abuse that children can experience by parents. Physical abuse pertains to “hitting, punching, shaking, kicking, beating, burning, or somehow harming the child” (Mikaeili 976). There is also emotional abuse and this is defined as: “The failure to provide a developmentally appropriate, supportive environment, including the availability of a primary attachment figure, so that the child can develop a stable and full range of emotional and social competencies commensurate with her or his personal potentials and in the context of the society in which the child dwells. (Mikaeili 976)” There is some debate over whether emotional or physical abuse is worse for the development of a child. In this discussion, emotional abuse is as harmful, if not worse than physical abuse for a child’s development. One might not agree with this statement if they have never experience such abuse. To the people that have encountered abuse in their lifetime, they most likely understand how emotional abuse is worse. There are present factors that contribute to the level of abuse and awareness of this can help stop the abuse in its tracks to becoming worse. There is no reason to harm a child physically. Some people use the quote “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The people that believe in this saying most likely have never experienced any kind of abuse. In contexts of this argument that quote is irrelevant. Children who are physically abused are the ones who usually get help from an outside source. Teachers at school may notice the child with bruises or cuts and ask them what happened. If the abuse is ongoing the teacher will seek help for the child because it is their duty and the parent will be ... ... middle of paper ... ...lopmental expectations including competent classroom behavior and self-regulation. In order to help parents become aware of their child’s needs, schools should recognize this and seek to help parents stop abusing their child even if they are unaware of it. Instead of punishing parents with jail time, they should go to counseling sessions. They should be taught how to be emotionally stable for their children and taught about the harm of emotional abuse and what it can do to their child. Schools should be made aware of these problems and know the benefits it would give their students. Schools could contribute to families that are hurting and find them help. Some may think that it isn’t the child’s schools business, but it could be a less threatening way to approach the issue. The time has come for awareness of emotionally abuse children to increase and seek treatment.
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