Professionalism In Early Childhood Education

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324 words

Share the issue you have chosen with your colleagues. What issues are you researching and why are you interested in this topic? What do you hope to learn about this topic and how might it help you with your own practice? As I contemplated on the possible key issue I wanted it to be one that focused on early childhood education, since I am currently a preschool teacher. I wanted to ensure that I truly felt passionate about the key issue I selected because I comprehend that the purpose of comparative education is to enable me to view education from an alternative perspective. After careful consideration I decided that the key Issue I would focus on would be professionalism in early childhood education. Also I would like to obtain a deeper understanding on the differences and similarities on this key issue in the United States, New Zealand, and Italy. "What are the similarities and differences in teacher professionalism …show more content…

18). This will permit me to have a better understanding of the type of education that other students are receiving in other countries. Educators who “understand the importance of their role in the development of children can help improve the education” of the children they serve (Eliassen, 2011. p.88). However, the actuality is that many people don’t see the need for preschool, they think it is pointless. I think that by conducting research on this key issue it will permit me to learn about the outlook of early childhood education in other countries. References Eliassen E.K., (2011).The Impact of Teachers and Families on Young Children’s Behaviors. Retrieved from Marshall, J. (2014). Introduction to comparative and international education. Los Angeles,

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the issues they are researching and what they hope to learn about this topic and how it might help their practice.
  • Explains that they wanted to focus on early childhood education since they understand the purpose of comparative education is to enable them to view education from an alternative perspective.
  • Opines that comparative education has an impact on educational professionals by enabling them to view education from alternative perspectives and potentially leading to a greater understanding of the world.
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