The Importance Of Child Development

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Childhood is the most important part of a person’s life, for children are both fragile and growing rapidly. A child’s parents or guardians must recognize this importance. The same goes for a child’s caregiver or a preschool instructor. Not only changes occur in their physical appearance such as growth, weight and body changes, but correspondingly, the mental health of the child (such as whether the child believes he or she is loved and cared for, and whether his or her needs are being met). Changes also occur in the child’s cognitive development, including them being able to strategies through their conflicts, and understand developing language. Which means the development of their brain function. Adults must be aware that every child is growing…show more content…
When the child is first born, the first task is being able to pick up their heads as they are on their tummies. At first it is one of the hardest things they have every come across and cannot do it perfectly. They need a lot of help to keep it supported. But as the time goes on, they are able to pick up their heads without worries. Soon after they begin learning how to fist their hands, which gives them the ability to keep a grip on the things they are holding. They enjoy when they are able to use their hands to grip onto things, being able to push and pull. It gives them the strength to want to do more. When the child is beginning to walk or crawl, it is important for the parent or guardian to begin "childproofing" the house, since they are curious to what things are or what they do it could be very dangerous for them to handle. Whereas the toddler stage, the physical development task that the child will need is being able to get from place to place without any support or assistance from their parents. They are even starting to walk in different motions (backwards, going in circles, jumping). And as for their grip, the child can perfectly lift and hold their toys or an object when standing. Another thing that they are doing and really enjoying is being able to pull their belongings towards them and pushing them away from them. For example, they are able to close the door or reopen…show more content…
In the infant stage, babies are exploring their bodies, watching their hands, putting them in his mouth. They are learning the names and each part of their bodies. They are also recognizing who their parents or caretaker is. They are learning to feel comfort towards them. They know who their adult is and begins developing trust and a loving bond. Soon after they learn the ability to smile and laugh. Soon after they begin interacting with the people around them by attempting to say names, playing little games like peek-a-boo. Babies begin showing preferences for people they are around most. They know who is their family and who is a stranger, so they stay away from strangers. When they turn one, babies are now starting to eat or are introducing finger foods, learning to hold a cup without spilling. They are learning to choose and dress themselves; they are copying the actions from the people they are observing. In some cases the child is beginning to develop separation anxiety from their caretakers. In the toddler stage, the child is now aware of itself. They know they have the ability to make things happen. They now know who they are, and how to look like. They can recognize their faces when they see themselves in the mirror. The emotions of strongly care about the people they know has developed. Soon after negative feelings are beginning to grow, like saying mean things or
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