Reflection on What I've Learned in My Education Class

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The first week of this unit I had a mix of emotions, excitement and stress . The topics covered each week have giving me the opportunity to increase my knowledge in many areas. Having an interest in teaching when I started this course has now grown to having an interest in learning as well. Reflecting on my education as a child has shown me the growth in teaching and our current education system. Professionalism was a great way to start the unit; this topic has giving me the chance to understand the responsibilities that teachers have to students and their parents. On beginning this topic I believed that professionalism was about ethics and how teachers conducted themselves in and out of the classroom. However while this is still relevant I would have to now include commitment to the learners. Courses and professional development days being offered to teachers, the new knowledge gained can be used in their classroom. Being able to make informed decisions and have the ability to conduct self assessments is a vital to assisting learners in today’s classrooms. (E&K, 2010 ). Social cognitive theory focuses on changes in behaviour from observing others. However to expect good behaviour from students we as educators must model the correct behaviour in and out of the classroom.(Bandura,1986, 1997, 2001 as cited in E&K, 2010pg,179) . The video clip Children see, Children do is a powerful video that clearly shows the importance of how inappropriate behaviour is imitated by children. Creating a safe and inviting environment for children is essential in providing them with positive feelings towards learning. (E&K,2010 pg 166). Children’s needs... ... middle of paper ... ...fy the work to suit the child’s needs and identify students who may need extra help within the classroom. Assessment of students can be formal and informal and is a good way to monitor their understanding of the topics being covered. These assessments should reflect what students know and what they can do. National testing within Australia tests children in Year 3,5,7,9 these tests are a good indicator of the student’s performance in specific skill areas of the curriculum. Teaching is becoming more interactive with the introduction of smartboards, smartdesks, laptops and other technology. With many resources at our fingertips, teachers, students and parents can be up to date with current information. Software programs like Study Wiz are assisting with home and school interaction to keep parents informed of their child’s progress. The future is here.

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