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    directly Southeast and has worn away most of the softer rock to form the main coast of point Peron. The Longshore drift affects all of the other factors of coastal erosion as it effect what direction the waves turn to, how the wind acts to the tides, the building up of the dunes and how all the other factors can be implemented in the coastline. • Wind erosion has taken its toll and worn away lots of headland inside the coast and aided many of the other factors of w he coastal weathering such as longshore

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    these processes affects the environment differently. - Destructive waves are powerful and forceful. They destruct/break down the coast. Destructive waves can create both spectacular and catastrophic consequences such as naturally formed arches, stacks, stumps, wave cut notches and even the creating of bays. - Constructive waves on the other hand build up the coast by adding sand to beaches. This occurs when the swash, the movement of water up a beach when a wave breaks, is more powerful than

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    to the coast. This type of wave builds up the coast and creates sand dunes along the beach. Constructive waves are much gentler than destructive waves. -Attrition, which is where rocks break down other rocks into smaller particles through crashing, tapping, rubbing and hitting against one another. This process wears away the coast and pulls rock particles and sand into the sea. Attrition is what breaks down rocks into sand, as pictured left. -Corrosion is where chemicals affect the coast. This process

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    I stood alone on the washed, sandy, forlorn beach, as a rain squall was whipped out to sea by a cold, unfriendly nor’easter. In the short time the storm vented its fury on the east coast, it tallied property damage in the millions and claimed at least one life, a motorist who got out of his car to lift a severed power line off the roadway—a young father whose wife gave birth to twins only a week before. It was autumn and the day had been dreary since daylight, but the waning hours before night

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    In this photograph you can see from the stumps and stacks that the force of the water has eroded away the weakest parts in the rocks. Before the erosion started to take place these stumps and stacks would have been solid intact rocks. In years to come these will just be tiny grains of sand in the water. The consequence for this happening is there will be no stumps or stacks and the force of the ocean will wash away the dunes until it finds more rocks to erode away. In this photograph you can see

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    Ivory Coast, officially the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire is a country in West Africa, member of the African Union. It has an area of 124,503 sq mi. The country population was 23,202,000 in 2012. Ivory Coast political and administrative capital is Yamoussoukro (Abidjan remains the commercial capital). The official language is French and the currency is CFA franc. The country is part of ECOWAS. The economy, mainly focused on the production of coffee and cocoa, known during the first two decades an exceptional

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    The Côte d'Ivoire, or Ivory Coast is located on the southern edge of West Africa and north of the Gulf of Guinea, it was given the name “Ivory Coast” due to the ability to trade large quantities of ivory. It’s a beautiful land that’s tropical along the coast and semi-arid farther inland. The Ivory Coast still suffers from relative instability and civil wars and has experienced both economic and social growth and atrophy. While the inhospitable coastline prevented many European expeditions from

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    The Mosquito Coast The Mosquito Coast depicts the story of an unstable, antisocial individual whose unsubstantiable paranoia causes him to dramatically alter the courses of his and other peoples lives. The mans continual fear of a nuclear invasion by an irate, immoral country eventually this man to move himself and his family to a remote jungle area of Honduras where he planned to establish a utopian society of his own design. Some themes that are conveyed through this story are the ability of

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    My Coast to Coast Experience On February 11, 2017 my family and I left for, as my dad called it, “an adventure of a lifetime.” Our plan for this so-called adventure was to end up on California on March 3, 2017, in time for my dad to make it to his three-day work convention that he attends every year. This trip really made my family and I realize that when we don’t have everyday things to worry and talk about, we don’t need to argue as much to sort things out. February 11, 2017 was the big day

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    Memories of the Ivory Coast Many people have never heard of the Ivory Coast. It is a vivacious country in my opinion, having lived there and experienced some greatly memorable along with not so pleasurable moments. This West-African Republic was once a French colony where my grandparents and parents lived and immensely appreciated the exquisite quality of life. Unfortunately, this did not remain for very long after 1994 and the death of the long standing President Houphouet- Boigny. Although