Politics in Reconstruction

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494 words

Reconstruction was a period of time that took place directly after the Civil War when the Confederacy was ruled by the Union government and military. Reconstruction is sometimes seen as a good thing because it did help out the newly freed African Americans, and the recently deprived white Southerners. However, it also created tension and resentment between Southerners and Northerners, as well as between the whites and the blacks, and, when the Reconstruction was over and the whites were back in office, they saw blacks as the enemy, and they took out the anger and injustice they felt they had received on the blacks. It brought the nation together once more, but it made the racial gap wider than ever. The Radical Republicans wanted to punish Southerners for fighting against them. Howev...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that reconstruction helped out the newly freed african americans, and the recently deprived white southerners, but it also created tension and resentment between southerners and northerners.
  • Explains that the radical republicans wanted to punish southerners for fighting against them, but congress would not punish them cruelly, and put the union's military in charge.
  • Narrates how the slaves were offered 40 acres and a mule if they would vote to keep the republicans in power. they were pulled up and shown to the white southerners to tell them that things were going to be done differently.
  • Explains that the jim crow laws separated the facilities, and that was what the southerners wanted. the supreme court ruled in favor of separate but equal facilities in plessy vs. ferguson.
  • Opines that reconstruction helped rebuild the south, but it created tensions between all groups, including southerners and northerners, blacks and whites, republicans and democrats.
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