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Tyler Tenney 9/22/15 S.S./English DBQ:Reconstruction Who killed Reconstruction, North Neglect or South Resistance? Reconstruction was a nasty period in History. Reconstruction took place after the civil war. In the civil war there was lots of devastation. Buildings and houses were being destroyed so people needed something called Reconstruction. Reconstruction was something people really needed after the civil war because they needed to rebuild a community. Some people didn't want reconstruction because they liked destruction. Then also after the civil war slavery was abolished, as well some people don't like that either. South killed Reconstruction because South resistance had KKK, and South was murdering people. South resistance killed reconstruction because they had KKK. KKK is a terrorist group. In Document…show more content…
KKK was targeting certain type of people. In Document A it says the type of people the KKK was targeting were congressmen, radical republicans, carpetbaggers,and scalawags. KKK was targeting them because those people mostly liked reconstruction.In Document B it talks about the KKK was threatining and half killing a former slave named Abram Colby. KKK was threatening him because he was voting for the radical ticket. KKK didn't want him to vote for that because that would give black people rights, and they want slaves to reunite. In Document B Colby says, "On the 29th of October 1869, [the Klansmen] broke my door open, took me out of bed, took me to the woods and whipped me three hours or more and left me for dead (Colby paragraph 1)." Colby was asked, "What is the character of those men who were engaged in whipping you (Colby paragraph 2)?" South killed reconstruction because KKK was really angry and mad that there was reconstruction. KKK was mad about reconstruction because now slaves that have been freed have same and equal rights. KKK wanted slaves and didn't want to do things

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