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The affordable health-care act, much more commonly known as Obamacare was designed to provide insurance to a large amount of Americans, who would otherwise be uninsured. However it has been a major issue since being created. Americans should have their own choice on health insurance because Obamacare is failing tremendously. The cost, low quality, and the rights are just a few of the main issues with the act. For people who were happy about the law, there was a realization that they would soon be able to have health insurance and could not be rejected due to having pre-existing conditions, leaving them no longer struggling with medical bills if something unexpected were to happen. However the law doesn’t work like that. As stated in (Direct…show more content…
Some think that because there are millions of uninsured people that now have access to affordable healthcare that it 's wonderful for our country (Pros and Cons 11). Few americans believe that the insurance is high quality. With the Affordable Care Act people now have many more private coverage options than they have ever had, also all major medical coverage options must provide minimum essential coverages. (Pros and Cons 11). 15.9 million men, women, and children who fall below one hundred and thirty percent of the poverty level has medicaid expanding to cover them. Small businesses with less than twenty five full-time employees can get their tax credits for more than fifty percent of their employees’ health insurance premium cost. (Pros and Cons 11). Young adults are now allowed to stay on their parents plan until they reach twenty six years old. Obamacare users can also set up their own single payer healthcare system states (Pro/Con Obamacare 6). Whether you love Obamacare or hate it, it is believed that a review of Obamacare is important to many of the three hundred plus million residents of the United States (Pro/Con Obamacare…show more content…
A new survey of healthcare determines the fifty six percent oppose Obamacare, with more than nine in ten believing that there 's a possibility of major negative impacts such as the drop in quality care. (“Will die earlier” 8). Also having nineteen percent believe that Americans will die earlier (“Will die earlier” 8). Fifty three percent of the health insurance policies will suffer due to Obamacare. The law is way over complicated. Quality care has already went down due to the Affordable Care Act. Poorly managed insurance exchanges have come about. With the law being too complex for business it 's hard to deal with. The ones who can not afford the insurance will receive subsides, part of a big expansion of coverage of the sick and poor. (Will it get better 10). Obamacare has dramatically different effects from place to place and from person to person. Having the law raise health cost for some and lower them for others (will it get better 10). Having new taxes allows money to help insure the people needing help with their coverage cost (Pros and Cons 11). The law also allows spending, upfront spending and more regulations is a mandatory thing in order to realize the long term cost. Medicaid has expanded using the Federal and State funding, although not all states have expanded Medicaid. The states that have choose not to expand

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