Persuasive Essay On Immigration Reform

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If you have ever worked with a green card immigrant or even an illegal immigrant you know that their work ethic is strong and reliable. However, does that mean our government should give them automatic legal status? This has been quite the political issue for some time now and the government cannot come to any agreement on how to figure this problem out. I am going to briefly argue that immigration reform can affect the U.S. economy, the U.S. workers, and the taxpayers. Legalization, whether it is the right thing to do or not, both sides of the table are trying to argue what the impact legalization would have on the economy. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), “argue that legalization would entice more foreigners to cross…show more content…
With the vast number of uneducated illegal immigrants flooding the border they are not taking the good paying jobs everyone has been so worried about, but filling in the gaps of the low paying jobs in America. In a free market society, like here in America, wages for workers are set by supply and demand. If a business cannot attract the number of workers it needs, that company must raise its pay to bring in the employees. The problem is that you do not have to raise the pay if you have a flood of uneducated legal and illegal immigrants coming into the country that will work for low wages. Steven Camarota , the Director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies…show more content…
For example, 57 percent of household headed by Dominican immigrants in 2004 used at least one major welfare program; 43 percent of Mexicans took advantage of at least one welfare program; and about a third of the households headed by immigrants from Central America, Cuba and Columbia use the welfare system. In contrast only 18 percent of native households receive welfare assistance (Camarota).
His numbers were from 2004, which was after the 1986 IRCA. Just think of what the numbers are today and then add 11 million more immigrants to the population.
In conclusion, I have argued how Immigration reform will affect the economy by sending money back to their country, U.S. workers by not allowing supply and demand for employers, and on taxpayers by draining public services. Immigration is not a bad thing but the goal of reform should be an immigration system that allows in fewer low-skilled or uneducated immigrants. Maybe our government should enforce the current immigration laws; I feel that would be a good
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