Argumentative Essay About Illegal Immigration

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While immigration for our country is good the ability to become a legal citizen has become insanely hard therefore leading immigrants to illegally cross our border, which negatively impacts our country.
Immigration is positive for our country’s economics although illegal immigration is negatively impacting our country. Resolved to join the American way of life a large number of outsiders have ventured to this extraordinary land to have an existence based upon “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Determined to join the American lifestyle thousands of immigrants have journeyed to this great land to have a life based upon “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This country’s backbone is immigration and it started when this
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How this many undocumented immigrants live here is a little hazy because of our rigorous laws. There are two different types of illegal immigrants and knowing these two distinctively different types of illegal immigrants is of great importance. The first, are immigrants that travel to our country legally with a visa or green card but stay as their visas become expired. The other illegal immigrant is when a person illegally trespasses our border without asking for permission from the government and lives here. The first type of Immigrants are much easier to track and incarcerate because of the fact that the government already knows that they are in the country. However, the second type of illegal immigrant is much more difficult to find because the government is unaware of their…show more content…
With the United States borders extending over thousands of miles, the government does not have the ability to completely watch and secure this massive border. Therefore, a large number of illegal immigrants take an advantage of crossing the border undetected. With such large amount of illegal immigrants entering our country, the safety of our citizens is hindered because not just illegal immigrants can cross our border but criminals and terrorists can come across virtually unseen. There is basically no telling the sorts of individuals that enter the nation, killers, drug dealers, or terrorists a majority of these criminals live close to the border. With the government cannot completely control illegal immigration over the border, the security of legal citizens is at risk. All things considered, with the powerlessness to control and completely carry out the laws of immigration, potential criminals will constantly barge into the nation and further jeopardize the U.S. lives.
Although crime and terrorism has increased because of the absence of carrying out immigration policy, illegal immigration has caused the most effect on the economy. Most people think that illegal immigrants make the country more efficient and do jobs that U.S. citizens do not want to do. Although the truth is that these illegal immigrants are taking legal citizens jobs. As
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