Illegal Immigration in America

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Illegal immigration has been an ongoing problem in America for many decades. The form of law that currently governs the immigration process is, the Immigration and Naturalization Act, and it has been broken for many years as immigrants still continue to pour into the states illegally. The immigration acts enacted in the past that have been continuously modified leads up to the current policy that falls under the Incrementalism model. However, it is important to note that the current American Immigration system is broken and is in dire need of reform. There are 11 million people living in the dark and too many employers cheating the system by hiring undocumented workers in exchange for offering lesser pay. The current system is hurting the economy and bringing down our country as a whole. Out of the 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, 8 million of them are currently working. Employers in America who want inexpensive workers, hire illegal immigrants and pay them under the table. Since the system does not have an efficient way of identifying and penalizing these employers, this has been an ongoing dilemma. As a result, the American economy suffers because illegal immigrants are not paying taxes like the rest of the legal citizens. Americans who are citizens consequently have difficulties finding jobs because employers would rather pay under the table so they can make higher profits. In my perspective, the employers are at fault here if they knowingly hire workers who are not eligible to work here. However, if the employer did not know about an immigrant’s illegal status than the immigrant is at fault for cheating the system. These are just some of the current issues related to illegal immigration t... ... middle of paper ... ...e results. I believe that this reform would be rational and helpful to the masses especially if a brand new platform were to be built upon research conducted from the previous policies. In conclusion, I believe that the current immigration system is broken. Millions of illegal immigrants are living undocumented in the United States. This leaves an unfair system for all current citizens that pay taxes and immigrants looking to migrate into the country legally. Clearly there is a dire need for reform, and the proposal presented offers many solutions that can boost our economy and create various new jobs. The national GDP will increase heavily over the years and tourism profits will skyrocket as well as boosting our economy upwards. This reform can create new opportunities for the betterment of this country and allow room for growth in a variety of different aspects.

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