Synthesis Essay on Indocumented Immigrants in the US

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In my ENC 1101 class, we were required to go through several of processes to map out the formula of writing our final assignment in our class: a synthesis essay. The most imperative part of our assignment was to choose a synthesis essay question on a list that our professor gave us. The second most vital ingredient in the formula was to choose two texts from our Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing book which would be the backbone of our synthesis essay that we would have to expand on and create our own ideas from. The question that I choose to further my vague knowledge on immigration was: "What should the United States do to make progress in solving the problem of undocumented immigration?" The texts and ideas that I write about to answer my synthesis question are within this essay. Moreover, the two texts I choose to go into depth to seek out possible answers to my synthesis question are 'The Global Immigration Problem' by Victor Davis Hanson, and 'Immigration Frenzy Points out Need for Policy Debate' by Byron Williams. The main subjects of both these articles are of course about immigration which paints the many complexities and sides that the immigration conflict poses. Re-reading and thinking of the authors ideas on the issue have caused my standpoint on immigration to develop into a more credible and deeper opinion, which was my goal as soon as I saw the list of synthesis questions I was required to choose from. Also, due to the fact of living in a community filled with immigrants, my interest in immigration was a no-brainer for me.
Military historian, political essayist, and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Victor Davis Hanson posted his article 'The Global Immigration Problem' on the History News Network site on Wednes...

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...igrants, starting with the wealthy changing the laws of illegal immigrants, or stop their illegal ways altogether.
Considering the ideas that both authors have brought to the table, I have concluded that in order to make progress in solving the problem of undocumented immigrants, we as a country must decide what’s best for our country. We either look at undocumented immigrants as an asset or a parasite. America is the ‘land of opportunity’ where millions of people want to live there and pursue the ‘American Dream’. We should not let people stop from achieving their dreams. But on the other hand, a quantity of immigrants leave their country because it does not have “stable democracies and free markets” that “ensure economic growth, rising standards of living and thus, lots of jobs”, because the countries of these immigrants “birth rates and native populations fall”.

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