Persuasive Essay About Immigration

Immigration is the greatest part of American history. In the beginning, Immigrants brought a vast variety of cultures and beliefs and turned America in to the beauty it is today. Immigrants are still doing this. However, the issue with immigration can be it 's illegal status. Many undocumented immigrants are entering this country causing questions among the American citizens. Rather than asking if this is right or wrong, a solution can be found. Illegal immigrants come here for a purpose and can be helped with this purpose. Most come fleeing persecution, although some come here for more demented reasons. Those, illegal immigrants will be done away with. However, Those immigrants who come here for pure reasons need to be taken Care of in proper…show more content…
Illegal immigrants (asylum seekers) face being put into detention centers (prisons). In these centers, immigrants face the same persecution as before. Those running from pain, need not to feel it anymore. These detention centers allow immigrants very few privileges, if any at all. In an article by Washington Times titled “ Illegal Immigrant Detention Centers Rife With Abuses, U.S. Civil Rights Commission report finds” it claims, “Some detention facilities---both government -run and private ones operating on contracts ---don 't provide good medical care, deny illegal immigrants the chance to try to get lawyers to help them with their cases, look the other way when rape or sexual abuse occurs”(Dinan). Rather than treating immigrants as prisoners, These immigrants need to be provided with adequate care. Providing immigrants with this kind of shelter, kindness, food, and other necessities will push the immigrants towards the next step, staying here, finding a job, and expanding the…show more content…
Any immigrant who commits murder or other offense after coming to this country will be dismissed. Their legalization will never come. Most illegal immigrants who come to this country are asylum seekers. These immigrants seek refuge and peace in the United States. Nevertheless, some illegal immigrants come here for disastrous reasons. These immigrants come here to harm United States citizens. In an article by Breitbart called “Illegal Alien Accounts For Over 30% of Murders in Many States” it asserts, “Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In New York, it was 34% and Arizona 17.8 %”(Tancredo). These immigrants who commit serious offenses like murder, do not deserve to be here. These immigrants will not receive the chance to become rightful

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