Persuasive Essay On Immigration In America

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The New America

When people first stepped foot on American soil as pilgrims, and eventually established a great nation, it was known as the land of the free. Now, when you look at America, it is considered to be a nation of immigrants. Today, in 2014, we have Americans that are mad with immigrants trying to get into this country, as they are taking our jobs away from us. On the other hand, you have those Americans who yearn for their far off families and friends to come to America from other countries to pursue a better life and utilize the opportunities America offers which their current locations cannot. Why should we let these people into the country without forcing them to first go through all the proper legal actions? It’s great that
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The author of this article is not saying people from other counties should not be allowed in legally if they got through the right procedures. The big topic that this author is trying to get through to the audience reading this is that by illegal immigrants coming to this country they are taking jobs away from the Americans that always lived here. Henesywar states, “The truth is that by every illegal person acquiring a job, an American citizen is denied one. Or an illegal immigrant will obtain a job with a fewer pay rate than an American citizen would, so it forces the American citizen to lose his or her job leading to a situation we have seen before, the Great Depression.” This is true the immigrants coming here are willing to work for way less then Americans will and this only leads bosses to the least pay person over someone that is more qualified. There are some jobs that immigrants do that we don’t want to do because we please they are below us and not paid enough for the work you do. Is that wrong of us as Americans to not allow peoples families to come here and have the same offers as all of…show more content…
Each article had great viewpoints but I believe that if the United States keeps letting the immigrants in without stopping them then the jobs here in the United States will start to get harder and harder to get. That is only because no businessman is stupid enough not to take the cheaper route than the one that is going to cost them more money. Immigrants will work for way less just to be in the States and with their family. The only problem I have with not letting these people in is that immigrants built this country the day that the pilgrims came here. This means that we are all immigrants in some sort and that we are all the same, but the only difference is that we been here longer and now we have roles and laws we have to

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