Argumentative Research Paper About Immigration

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Immigration There are currently 11.7 million immigrants living in the U.S. The United States is now again being named the land of immigrants. The new century has been introduced to the illegal immigrant. They are desperate to get into the American culture and are forced to disobey the laws of government to assimilate themselves in America. People come over because they have family, jobs or want a better life. This may cause some problems for Americans. Certain Americans believe immigration will cause the economy to drop, drop to wages, and job loss due to cheap labor, etc. But no one has thought of a solution for immigration that will work effectively. The lack of enforcement of immigration policies will cause the greatest impact on America’s economy. One of the most controversial topics is how immigrants affect jobs and wages. Many argue that immigrants help the economy by working for the people that will not, but in reality they are taking Americans jobs and legal immigrants that have earned their rights. The main issue is wages: illegal immigrants are desperate for jobs and will do anything. Businessmen will take advantage of this and pay them significantly lower wages. Cheap labor negatively affects other workers. Studies show that immigrants push down wages and may cause other workers to leave a certain industry.…show more content…
workers so they would not have to come over illegally. Improving the work visa program will help the government figure out which immigrants are overstaying in America. If an immigrant goes into the U.S. and their visa runs out the chances of the government knowing is zero. Implementing stricter immigration rules, including background checks, verification of employment and interviews will help catch illegal immigrants. Unless the government and other responsible agencies start to implement better visa programs, it will be impossible for us to eliminate this illegal immigration
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