Immigration Argumentative Essay

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Throughout the past centuries, immigration has had many positive and negative impacts on our country and society. Law and order have been the founding cornerstone of our democracy, and the mandate of the U.S. Constitution is for Congress to do the work of the people and that of the nation. Immigration has continuously been a passionate debate within our society. This particular topic will always be a sensitive subject due to Americans personal beliefs and morals. Some citizens believe that illegal immigrants should not be able to work in the United States for any reason, while others believe illegal immigrants are helpful to our economy. People against illegal immigration think jobs are being lost and this group has a growing voice in politics. The opposition against illegal workers feels it is eliminating opportunities for those who are already citizens. By permitting illegal immigrants to infiltrate this country, ignoring all of the procedures and systems that are in place to regulate, it is indeed committing an unfair and biased way of dealing with immigrants.(West 428)
The legalization of illegal workers currently in the U.S. is not a good resolution to the illegal immigration issue because it is not a durable solution. We could legalize all of the current workers here today, but then who would
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Disputes from opposing groups will remain as policies are ever evolving, and immigrants flow from different parts of the world. By removing the bureaucratic "red tape" and a more streamlined process implemented to expedite work visas and a faster process to become a naturalized citizen would have a drastic effect on the number of immigrants entering the country illegally. A reasonable and comprehensible plan could be implemented to help immigrants sustain a better life, and the American dream could still be