Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Within the past decade, gun control has become a major topic of discussion in the United States because of all the devastating mass shootings. They have come in multiple different settings, such as churches, schools, governmental buildings, and even movie theatres. Due to these shootings, many people’s response is that we need to crack down on gun control in order to take the weapons out of the killer’s hands, but the fact of the matter is that in some of the cases where many people are killed in shootings, the guy who killed them obtained the gun they used illegally. So us citizens need to realize that no matter what laws are passed or what efforts we make, the “bad” guys are going to get guns regardless, so we might as well allow our own…show more content…
She was a beloved neighbor/citizen who was gunned down by her boyfriend in her apartment. This story was told to prove a bigger point, that her death was one of the “13 people killed by gunfire on Wednesday” (Wing), which was said to be a relatively peaceful day in the US, as an “average of nearly three times that many people have been killed by guns each day this year” (Wing). The article then wrapped up by saying, “But when, or perhaps if, we decide to discuss how to address gun violence, we should keep people like Annoqunette Starr in mind” (Wing). But, should we also keep those nine black christians who were killed by Dylaan Roof’s illegal weapon in mind as well? Or maybe the nine who died in the Oregon shooting from the gun that the shooter received right through a background check with no issues? All of these victims’ deaths display the ineffectiveness of the laws put in place, and further prove why cracking down on gun control is not the answer, and that people should be allowed to have guns in order to protect themselves, because the criminals will get guns whether there are laws in place or
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