Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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"The world is filled with violence because criminals have guns , we good citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they would win and the decent people lose . " After tragic incidents like Columbia or Virginia Tech has generated a huge debate on gun control . The explosion of such events has trivialized the issue of gun control. , This is very dangerous , as this is not a trivial matter. The decisions should never be based on fear or panic . Gun control is as complex as the concept of freedom issue and therefore, this issue requires further analysis. What exactly is gun control ? It is as it sounds, control the sale of guns in the country. Contrary to the belief of many arms control advocates . Gun control does not mean complete confiscation of guns , " this is impossible " . The criminals of society will never give their weapons , neither the police nor the service weapons. CONTROL , The first obvious question is who controls the weapons , the answer is the government of the nation? . We call " The creators of the law." The next question is : What weapons control , smugly will be citizens ? . We call " law abiding ." Finally : What weapons do not control , assume that the criminals of society. We call " Offenders Act ." So , when you talk about gun control divide society into three recognizable groups. The creators of the law, law-abiding and law-breakers . There should be a reduction in robberies with gun control ... First ... there is a huge amount of illegal weapons in circulation , many in criminal hands . When gun control arrives, but the weapons are confiscated criminals retain theirs. Reflection ... "Making laws to disarm only those who have a tendency to ... criminals of society. We call " Offenders Act ." So , when you t... ... middle of paper ... ...the exerciser or holder of power of the political opposition. Politicide has three related but distinct meanings. 1) - . Might mean a gradual but systematic attempt to cause the annihilation of independent political and social entity. 2) - . Others have used the term to mean the deliberate destruction of physical group that share the main characteristic of belonging to a political - this movement definition has been used because of the systematic destruction of these groups are not covered , such as genocide under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of genocide ( CPPCG ) . CPPCG only covers physical deliberate destruction of national , ethnic , racial and religious groups. 3) - . A third use is drawn to the Oxford English Dictionary , and describes political suicide for an action that irreparably damages the political career of a person.

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