The Pros And Cons Of School Shootings

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In 2007, thirty-three students and faculty were shot and killed by a former classmate at Virginia Tech University. The shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, was a senior at Virginia Tech and was majoring in English. Two years earlier before the attack, Cho was ordered by a judge to seek help after making suicidal remarks to his roommate. On April 16th, 2007 Cho had created one of the most deadly school shootings in America. ( "Virginia Tech Shootings Fast Facts." CNN.) It was unfathomable to think that in the close future, America would encounter many more detrimental school shootings. This is including the shooting of elementary students in Newtown, CT where Adam Lanza had shot and killed 27 children and faculty. Lanza had been known to have significant health issues that had kept him from living a normal life. (Sanchez, Ray, Chelsea J. Carter in Atlanta, Yon Pomrenze in New York, and The CNN New York Bureau Staff. ) Both of these shooters had killed themselves shortly after their attacks. School violence has become a nation-wide issue. Young adults are not just creating this school violence, kids as young as twelve are committing acts as dangerous at their own school shootings. In Sparks Middle School in Nevada, twelve-year-old Jose Reyes had taken his parents hand gun with him to school. He had shot 2 children and killed a teacher that was also a war veteran. He then turned the gun on himself ("US School Violence Fast Facts." CNN). Many other incidents had occurred as early as 1927 to present day. Many of these shootings include the principal and certain classmates as the target. Simple disagreements between classmates can trigger a response that creates the such violence. Many of these shootings raise questions as to the amount of pr... ... middle of paper ... ...f someone has expressed ideas of suicide and feeling alone, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This is a toll-free call that connects to the nearest crisis center, 24 hours a day. If someone see’s someone else being bullied, always tell an adult that can help. Tell some like a teacher, a counselor, or a parent. Prevention is the number one way to lower bullying and school violence. In conclusion, School Violence is a widespread issue that must be addressed. School shootings and bullying are some of the biggest issues in today’s school system. Many times the seed of the issue begins with bullying and ends with consequences like suicide and school shootings. They affect people as early as elementary school all the way to the college level, some even ending with death. Only together can we stop school violence if we take a stand and change the world.
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